Study in Ireland

Your journey to study in Ireland starts here. The international tech hub of Ireland is home to premium education, affordable tuition fees, and exciting work-while-studying opportunities. With student satisfaction rates among the best in the world, Ireland has so much to offer!

Popular Universities and Colleges in Ireland

If you’re seeking a high-quality education at an affordable cost, choose to study in Ireland! Every Irish university is ranked among the top 3% of institutions worldwide. Graduates benefit from high employment rates, innovative tech sector opportunities, and travel or work opportunities in Europe. Learn more and choose from leading Irish universities and colleges here!

All About Ireland

Famous for its stunning cliff formations and gorgeous green fields, Ireland (AKA the Emerald Isle) is perfect for international students. As a growing “innovation hub” for tech companies like Google, Microsoft, and TikTok, Ireland offers exciting STEM sector opportunities. Ireland also offers more affordable tuition rates and lower cost of living than many other destinations, plus the chance to travel or work in Europe!

Getting a Irish Student Visa

Before you apply for an Irish visa, check to see if your nationality is one of the 70+ that are exempt from student visa requirements! If so, you may not need to apply for a student visa at all. You will still need to show other documents when arriving in Ireland, though.
Otherwise, if your course of study lasts more than 90 days, you’ll need a Long Stay Visa (commonly called a ‘D’ visa). You can apply using Ireland’s AVATS Online Facility. You’ll need supporting documents including an application letter, proof of enrolment, and more. Finally, you must register with the Garda National Immigration Bureau (GNIB) after arriving.

Proof of English Proficiency in Ireland

To apply for your Irish student visa, you’ll need an English language proficiency test score from within the past two years. The minimum scores listed here for popular English language tests are only for visa purposes. Your course of study will likely require higher English proficiency scores than these, so check with your university or college for their requirements.

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